Intensive Study Options

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OleChess Camp
July 20 – 25, 2014

There are are three options for the advanced player.
Advanced Youth:
Under 18 with 1500+ rating.
This option is only for strong youth students. The option involves additional classroom rigor and an additional evening lecture after which students may join evening camp activity including separate sections of the blitz and bughouse tournaments.

Advanced Adult:
18 and over OR rating of 1700+.
This option is intended for the serious adult students and involves additional instructional period, lectures, and greater classroom rigor. This session will admit serious, mature-acting youth students who meet the requirements and have the approval of the camp director.

Fundamental Adult:
18 and over.
For the novice to moderate strength adult interested in strengthening their chess knowledge for themselves or for the additional purpose of teaching others. This option includes take-away materials and for those interested in coaching a letter of recommendation for the USCF Certified Chess Coach Program. Stronger players should consider Intensive Study-Advanced Adult.