Camp Twitter140549583067St. Olaf Summer Music Academies
June 18 – 24, 2017

Q: Does St. Olaf provide transportation to campus?
A: St. Olaf provides a shuttle service to and form the MSP International airport for a fee. Online shuttle registration form will be available soon!

Q: How many campers attend music camp?
A: Anywhere from 120-150 musicians.

Q: Are there any scholarships or financial assistance available for students in need?
A: Financial assistance is TBD for Minnesota participants.  Please check back periodically or contact the academy office.

Q: Are there auditions?
A: There are no auditions required prior to your arrival. On the first day of camp there will be auditions for chair placement.

Orchestra auditions (string only) are for seating only. Students should prepare a short (2 minute) excerpts in contrasting styles (fast/technical, slow/lyrical). Campers will be asked to sight read a short sample. Orchestra winds (brass, percussion and woodwinds) must audition for a chair in the orchestra. These auditions are part of the band audition and the requirements are the same as the string requirements listed above. Wind/percussion players not placed in orchestra will play in the band.
Band auditions are for chair placement.
Choir does not have auditions.

Q: Are there campers from out-of-state?
A: About 50% of the campers are from states other than Minnesota.

Q: What level of ability most the camper be playing at to attend?
A: It is not an audition camp, so there is a variety of skill levels.

Q: What is the gender make up of the camp?
A: Typically 1/3 boys to 2/3 girls.

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: Please read the refund policy on the registration page.

Q: My child is one year too young for camp, can they still register?
A: We maintain a wait list and if there are still openings prior to the start of camp we will fill positions with younger students. Call the camp office to get your name on the list. 507-786-3031.

Q: Can I use a credit card to pay for camp other than on-line.
A: Sorry, no. In order to meet regulations we can only take credit cards using our on-line form.