COVID-19 Alert Levels

St. Olaf College has established a color-coded series of alert levels intended to inform the college community about the level of risk posed by the COVID-19 virus to our community. The alert levels correspond with different levels of operational response and guidance. Each of these levels builds upon the existing mitigation measures identified in the Community Standards. 

The alert levels are defined by a set of indicators that include primarily the cases on campus as well as cases in Rice County and the availability of on-campus isolation and quarantine beds. Additional factors affecting alert level determination include any new or modified Governor’s Executive Orders, updated guidance from MDH and CDC, travel availability and restrictions, faculty and staff availability to provide academic programs and essential services, as well as access to critical supplies and testing. Changes in alert levels will always be informed both by data and by our judgment of current conditions. The college will be prepared to move quickly from any level of alert to the highest level if necessary.

Current Level

Alert Levels

More detailed information about the indicators and response level is available.

COVID-19 Campus Data

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Results of ongoing testing, as well as the current status of the campus community, are reported here.