Requesting Reimbursement

Students – to request reimbursement:

While you travel please keep all your receipts and within 2 weeks of returning home:

  • Complete the Travel Reimbursement Form (you can list items by category or individually)
  • Complete the W-9 Form
  • Include any prepaid expenses on this form, indicating how they were purchased.
  • Bring the forms and receipts to your faculty research supervisor for review and their signature. If you don’t have an on-campus faculty supervisor, reimbursement requests should be submitted to the department chair.
  • Bring the reimbursement form along with all the receipts to Tory Borovsky in the CURI Office (TOH 283) for the CURI Director’s signature.
  • After the reimbursement forms have been approved, you will receive a check via campus mail unless Accounts Payable has your direct deposit information (this is not the same as the Payroll office for student workers). If you are a student at home, you must indicate “Send Home” on your reimbursement form.

For your reference

Note to faculty supervisors

  • We are asking faculty to help facilitate the reimbursement process for their own students.  For your student’s benefit, please be certain that the reimbursement form is filled out correctly and that all original receipts are attached.