Professional Dispositions

Education Department Faculty/Staff Handbook

Disposition criteria are organized around three major areas: Personal Characteristics, Relational Characteristics, and Professional Characteristics. Candidates are given a criteria list of department professional dispositions upon application to the program. During the application process, faculty interview candidates about the application and Disposition Self-Assessment (implemented Fall 2009). Candidates are introduced to the Minnesota State Standards of Effective Practice during their first course as applicants and begin to prepare a professional portfolio aligned with these standards.

Minnesota State Standard 3: Diverse Learners, contains the following substandards related to professional dispositions: 3I.  Understand that all students can and should learn at the highest possible levels and persist in helping all students achieve success; 3K.  Identify and design instruction appropriate to a student’s stages of development, learning styles, strengths, and needs; 3L.  Use teaching approaches that are sensitive to the varied experiences of students and that address different learning and performance modes; 3M.  Accommodate a student’s learning differences or needs regarding time and circumstances for work, tasks assigned, communication, and response modes.

The Education Department utilizes the Disposition Self – Assessment form at three different transition points as the primary assessment tool for Professional Dispositions.