Interim 2019-20

Writing 111 (FYW) or its equivalent is a prerequisite for all courses in the English department except some Level I Interim courses. While a few courses have additional prerequisities, most Level I and Level II courses are open to all — majors and non-majors alike — after Writing 111 (FYW) or its equivalent. Level III courses (numbered 300 or higher) are primarily for English majors and ordinarily build upon prior work. All Level III courses require as a prerequisite English 185 and at least one Level II course in an area of relevant background as confirmed by the instructor or the department. Any course offered in the English department can count as an elective in the major.

Please note that these classes are subject to change.

Level I

English 108 Trickster – J Mbele

Students examine various heroic and trickster figures as a manifested in post-colonial literature from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, both oral and written, and seek to understand what basic human needs and realities these figures express and fulfill.

English 123 Introduction to Poetry – J Patterson

This course introduces students to poetry in many forms and from a range of perspectives. Students learn to analyze the aesthetic elements that make poetry unique as a mode of communication and consider the overlap between poetry and music. Students also learn to consider poetry meaning in a variety of contexts, from the author’s life and identity to the way poetry interacts with other topics or discourses, such as race, gender, nationality and politics. To experience the medium of poetry in the fullest sense, students will discuss, write about, recite, and experiment with composing poetry.

 English 185 Literary Studies – K Cherewatuk

The foundation course of the English major, English 185 introduces students to poetic and dramatic form, narrative structure, and critical theory. In addition, students engage with literature as a living practice and address its role in a culture by attending dramatic performance and readings by visiting writers and critics. Although texts vary with the instructor, all sections explore the contemporary vitality of literature in English and their strong connections to the past. (ALS-L, WRI)


Level II

English 280A Topic: – C Gallego

English 280B Topic: – B Nordfjord



English 3xx Feminist Rhetorics – R Richards