Lauren Salgado

Lauren was first introduced to TRIO ETS as a 9th grader at Washburn High School. At first, she didn’t think college was for her. However, during ETS workshops, she grew to enjoy learning about different options for her future. “I loved learning about what my life could look like,” she said. “Though I didn’t think college was a reality for me because I didn’t think I was school smart, my mentors pushed and challenged me. They made me look at the future with a different perspective…. ETS also gave me the opportunity to have conversations with my peers who also come from marginalized identities to talk about our similar struggles. I stopped feeling alone and I started to realize that I could see a different future for myself.”

After graduating from high school, Lauren enrolled at Augsburg University and joined the TRIO Student Support Services program.  “I was in TRIO for 8 years!” Lauren notes. “I could not have had the experiences I had if it weren’t for my TRIO advisors. They always went above and beyond their work to support me and my decisions. TRIO allowed me to stay true to myself.”

Lauren graduated with double majors in Political Science and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies and double minors in Sociology and Religion. She now works as an Education and Outreach Specialist for Planned Parenthood North Central States. When asked what advice she would give to current ETS participants, Lauren said, “You define what success means and looks like. If you can take advantage of your resources and programs to help you become successful, do it. Find a trusted adult that listens to you, can advocate for you, and can affirm you and your ideas…Speak up and ask the questions you have about your future until someone listens. Your future matters.”