Layout options

WordPress gives you three layout options to choose from: two columns, three columns and full width. The layout is chosen on a per page basis.

Two-column Layout (default)

The two-column layout is the most commonly used layout and is the default option. This layout features the navigation on the left-hand side and the content on the right-hand side.

Three-column Layout (sidebar)

The three-column layout adds a sidebar to the right-hand side of the page. There are two steps for adding a sidebar:

  1. Within the “Layout Settings” box, select the middle option (three columns)
  2. Add content to the “Sidebar Content” box, which appears near the bottom of the edit page screen

Full-width Layout (no navigation, no sidebar)

The full-width layout features only displays the content on a page without a left-hand side navigation or sidebar. Because of this, the full-width option is rarely used.

  • Within the “Layout Settings” box, select the option on the right (one column)

Please refer to the Web Style Guide for a comprehensive description of the various layouts and their uses.