Using the People Plugin

The “People” plugin (or “Contact Us” page) is now available for your WordPress site.

Below are instructions on how to create and implement a contact information page for your office or department site. You can view a sample People page for a preview of what the page will look like.

The following instructions show how to set up each individual’s information page.

Adding a New Person or Editing an Existing Entry

  1. Open your dashboard
  2. Select “People” at left (below “Pages”)
  3. Select “Add New” to add a new person or select the name of the existing person/entry you want to change.
    Each person in your office or department will have his or her own page, and that’s what you’re creating here.
  4. Add or update the name of an individual
    The main text body is where you can add optional, extended biographical information that will show up when you select that individual from your main People page.
  5. Scroll down and fill in or update “Required” fields
    Note that the “short bio” of 250 characters should include core information such as duties, academic degrees (plus schools), courses taught, etc.
  6. Add desired “Optional” information
    This automatically adds a “more” link at the end of the “short” bio that goes to the individual’s full page — if that page includes the optional extended bio.Ignore the “Housekeeping” line unless you don’t want to list your personnel in the default — and recommended — alphabetical order.
  7. Scroll back up to the top of the page, select “Set featured image” at right, and load individual’s photo
    Images should be of good quality (no fuzzy cellphone images, please) and cropped to a 150px-per-side square headshot. Contact if you need help generating or editing images.
  8. Select the “Publish” button if adding a new person or “Update” if you are updating an existing person entry (for each individual’s page)

Adding or Updating Department Information

  1. Below “People” on your dashboard, select “Department”
  2. Fill in fields with information about your office or department and “Save”

Publishing Your People Page

The next steps compile all of the people posts you just created into a single page for your site.

  1. Back on your main dashboard, select “Pages” and “Add New”
  2. Name your page (“Contact Us,” for example)
  3. Paste the following code into the text body:
  4. Publish, and add this page to your main menu navigation