SlideDeck is a plugin that enables you to create slideshows that contain images, text, dynamic data, videos or a variety of other useful types of content. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of using SlideDeck. To obtain in-depth information, see SlideDeck’s official tutorials.

1) Navigate to the SlideDeck menu

About two-thirds way down the left-hand side navigation menu you’ll find the “SlideDeck 2” option. If the button doesn’t appear in the navigation menu, go to the “Plugins” section and activate the three SlideDeck 2 plugins, beginning with “SlideDeck 2 Personal.”

2) Create a new “Custom Content” SlideDeck

A “custom content” SlideDeck will allow you to add¬†images, videos, text and HTML to your slideshow. Once you have a handle on these, feel free to explore the “dynamic source” SlideDeck type.







3) Choose the content type for the first slide

Your slideshow can either contain one single type of content or multiple types. For now, select the type of content you want for your first slide. (For our example we will be choosing “Image Slide.”)

4) Define the slide specifications

Select Image

  • Upload an Image from your computer
  • Specify a URL of an image from another website
  • Choose an image From Media Library

Caption Selection

If you have a lengthy description, choose the “Body Text” option which will give you additional space for text.

Slide Link

(Optional) Enter the URL of the site you want this slide to link to.


Briefly state what this slide is about.


Enter your slide’s text content.

Preferred Image Size

Select how you want the image’s size to be adjust.

Image Scaling

Select how you want the image to be scaled and/or cropped.

Caption Position

If you selected to have a caption, select how you want it positioned.

5) Add additional slides as needed


6) Adjust the slideshow options

The slideshow options give you a lot of control over what your slideshow looks like and how it works. Many of the default options will suit your needs just fine, but it’s worth looking through the menus to see what’s there in case you do want to adjust something.

7) Save the SlideDeck

The Save button is located near the bottom of the page.

8) Insert your SlideDeck into a page or postSlidedeck Insert

You can edit any of your slideshows by returning to the “SlideDeck 2” option in the left-hand side navigation menu.