Student Payments

This site helps provide information on payments made to students. Since students can receive payments from multiple departments at the college, we are here to help navigate this process. We are in the process of transitioning to a third-party provider, Paymerang, to disburse payments on the college’s behalf to students. Paymerang coordinates the payments to students and is compliant with regulations surrounding student tuition refunds and federal work-study disbursements.

Students can receive funds electronically as a direct deposit to their bank account or as an electronic check received in an email. The college highly encourages students to set up an account with Paymerang in order to receive funds directly to their bank account without having to print and deposit the electronic check. In order to set up an account with Paymerang, students need to complete the following Google form in order to verify their identity.


Sara Steward, Student payments, 507-786-3824
Paymerang Customer Service: