Procedures for Department Cards

Title: Department Card Procedures
Effective Date: 06-01-2017
Issuing Authority: Vice President and CFO
Contact: Nate Engle at or 507-786-3502
Last Updated:  06-01-2017

Purpose of Procedures
The purpose of these procedures is to provide consistent guidance for the use of the St. Olaf Department Card by faculty, staff, and student organizations and to ensure compliance with Internal Revenue Service regulations.

Who needs to know these Procedures
These procedures apply to all St. Olaf faculty, staff, and student organizations using a College Department Card.

What is a Department Card
The Department Card is a St. Olaf issued debit card similar to a student or employee’s Ole Card.  The Department Card is assigned to a specific department on campus and is the responsibility of the individual to whom the card was issued.  Card balances are replenished at the end of the month to a specific amount determined by the department.  Department Cards may be used at the St. Olaf Bookstore, Print Center, Post Office, all Bon Appetit food service outlets, and the Lion’s Pause.  The Department Card can also be used to access campus network copiers.

A Department Card is NOT a College Purchase Card (credit card issued through Wells Fargo).

Procedures for using a Department Card

  1. Department Cards can be requested by emailing
  2. The balance on the card cannot exceed $2,000.  If funds need to be added during the course of the month, contact
  3. Any purchases made with the Department Card are charged to the respective department.  Accounts charged are:
    – Purchases made at Bon Appetit food service outlets and the Lion’s Pause are coded to account #72100 (Meals on-campus).
    – Purchases made at the St. Olaf Bookstore are coded to account #62000 (General Supplies & Materials).
    – Copies made on network copiers are coded to account #63600 (Copy charge-convenience copy).
  4. Purchases made through this program must comply with:
    – St. Olaf Purchasing Procedures
    – St. Olaf Travel and Business Expense Policy
    – St. Olaf Gift, Gift Card/Certificate and Flowers Policy
  5. Receipts are to be maintained by the respective department for all purchases and saved according to the retention period indicated in the Record Retention/Destruction Policy.
  6. Department Cards should be stored securely when not in use.
  7. Any unauthorized use of the Card may result in disciplinary action by the College.
  8. Lost or stolen Department Cards should be reported immediately to  The card will then be deactivated and a new one issued.