Planned Giving

Planned gifts are donations made to St. Olaf as part of a donor’s overall financial or estate plan. With a little forethought and planning you can make a significant gift to the college without affecting your current lifestyle or your family’s security.

You don’t have to be wealthy to consider a planned gift. By using common financial tools — insurance policies, retirement accounts, trusts, charitable gift annuities, and more — you can maximize your assets and leave a larger legacy than you might have imagined. In doing so, you play a vital role in the future of the college.

Include St. Olaf in your will or trust

Gifts from a will or living trust are among the most common and most impactful planned gifts.

Make a gift and receive income

If you’ve ever wanted to make a significant gift to St. Olaf but didn’t want to sacrifice potential income from the gifted assets, a “life income gift” might be right for you.

Retirement plan assets

Qualified retirement plan assets are popular planned gift vehicles due to the unique tax advantages they present and the ease with which a donor can update disbursement instructions.

Life insurance gifts

In addition to ensuring the financial well-being of your loved ones, a life insurance policy is a powerful philanthropic tool for you and St. Olaf. Moreover, the gift arrangement can often be made with little or no additional long-term costs to you.

Gifts That Pass Outside of a Will

Retirement accounts, life insurance policies, bank accounts, and donor advised funds can pass outside of a will or trust, making planned giving flexible and cost-effective.

Join the Manitou Heights Society

The Manitou Heights Society recognizes and honors the alumni, parents, and friends who have made planned gifts St. Olaf College.

Meet our donors

St. Olaf donors combine their philanthropic wishes with the right financial tools to leave a lasting legacy.

Share the details of your plan

Is St. Olaf already in your estate plan? Inform us of your intentions by completing a letter of intent.

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