ADD/ADHD Appointment Policy

Health Service Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Disorder (ADD/ADHD) Appointment Policy

For best management of ADD/ADHD, students are encouraged to establish care with a local provider for management of ADD/ADHD.  Mental Health Resources can be found on the Counseling Center’s website (Student resources, Helpful resources, Rice County Mental Health Resources).

In some circumstances, when approved by Health Service, Health Service may provide follow-up appointments and write prescriptions for continuation of ADD/ADHD medications only during the academic year when specific criteria are met.

1) For students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Health Service Requires:

a.  Documentation of ADD/ADHD diagnosis by a mental health specialist, including copies of the results of any psychological testing, consultation, or special evaluation.

b.  A summary letter or notes from the current prescribing practitioner documenting:

    • Current medication and dosage stable for at least 6 months, with history of medications used previously.
    • A request and plan that the student be followed by Health Service during the academic year.
    • Practitioner availability for consultation by phone if needed.
    • Practitioner availability for follow-up visits during school breaks and summer.

c.  Follow-up visit with the home practitioner at least biannually.

d.  Compliance with ADD/ADHD Appointment Plan as outlined below.

2) ADD/ADHD Appointment Plan

a. Documentation

    • All documentation must be received and reviewed before scheduling an appointment and before medication is prescribed. It is suggested that students arrive on campus with at least a month supply of medication.  Health Service is not open during the summer.
    • If the criteria and documentation meets approval, Health Service will continue the medication plan via monthly appointments and prescriptions.
    • If the documentation is not approved, the student will be referred to a community practitioner in the local area.

**Health Service will refer students to off campus providers if other mental health conditions exist, medication needs to be adjusted or changed, or if it is determined that the student would benefit from the referral.