Health Service Information for Incoming Students

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Required Health Forms for Deposited students
Through the St Olaf Student Health Portal, please Read through the directions carefully and submit the following REQUIRED forms: Immunization data, Tuberculosis (TB) screening questionnaire, and Report of Medical History. 
You must enter the dates of the required immunizations AND upload a copy of your immunization record. All requirements must be met by July 15. Forms and requirements not submitted by September 7 will result in a HOLD being placed on registration.
Using the Portal is the preferred way for students to enter the required information and upload any documents, including your immunization record.
Students: If you are having difficulty using the student health PORTAL:

  • Try using a different browser, Chrome works best.

If you are having log in issues:

  • Be sure you are using your St Olaf username (without the and password. If you have recently changed your password and you can’t log in, contact the ITT desk.
  • Phone: Ext. 3830 (507-786-3830)
  • E-mail:

If you are having trouble uploading a document:

  • Please note that images MUST be .gif, .png, .tiff, .tif, .jpg, or .jpeg and Documents MUST be .txt or .pdf. Make sure the title has NO special characters.

If you are off campus and still cannot submit the forms or have trouble uploading documents, you may print the forms, and mail them to Health Service. DO NOT fax or attach to an email. If you are on campus and are having difficulty, please contact Health Service.
Do not send copies of your physical as a substitute for filling out the Report of Medical History. Students need to enter dates of immunizations AND submit a copy of the immunization record.
**Athletes submitting immunizations and other required items to the Athletic Department must still complete the online Requirements for Health Services.
The Report of Medical History is not reviewed upon submission, but is reviewed when care is established in Health Service. Students need to complete the form before being seen in Health Service for any appointment.
Students who do not provide the required immunization information by September 5 will have a hold put on their Student Account and will not be able to register. Immunizations are self reported by the student on the Student portal, but students ALSO need to upload a copy of an immunization record for verification. By submitting the information into the portal, you are agreeing that the information and immunization dates are correct. If you are having difficulty finding documentation of your immunizations, check with your high school or your health care clinic. If immunization records are not available, you will most likely need to be re-vaccinated or have titers drawn. Please schedule an appointment with your Health Care provider ASAP to discuss what you will need BEFORE arrival on campus. Health Service can review your record if you are unsure how to interpret your immunization record. Notify Health Service if you are having difficulty obtaining immunizations before arrival and we can help you explore options for meeting the requirements once you are on campus. If you are declaring a conscientious or religious objection to immunization, you must have the printed form notarized before uploading. If you are declaring a medical exemption, please upload medical documentation or have your health care provider mail documentation regarding the medical exemption.
If you have questions about these forms or other health related matters at St. Olaf College that cannot be answered by the listed information or your Health Care provider, please contact Health Service directly. During the summer, please contact Health Service by sending an email to Health Service. Health Service is closed during the summer, but will check email periodically.
St Olaf REQUIRES all students to submit dates for the following immunizations:

  • Diphtheria/Tetanus—Td (within 10 years of matriculation) or Tdap. Obtain booster if needed. Submit date of only the most recent Td or Tdap.
  • Measles—Rubeola, Red measles (2 doses after age 12 months).
  • Mumps—(2 doses after age 12 months).
  • Rubella—German measles (2 doses after age 12 months).

Students who waive out of immunizations due to medical, religious, or conscientious objection reasons, must print off the Exemption Verification form  and have it notarized and uploaded to the Student Health Portal.  For a medical waiver, students need to have written and signed documentation regarding the reason the immunization cannot be given, ie., allergic reaction.

*International students need to provide documentation in English.  **It is highly recommended that Required vaccinations and Tuberculosis screening be done prior to arrival. Students who are not able to receive any vaccine before matriculation can obtain the vaccine at a local clinic once they have arrived, but is usually more costly. Clinics and transportation options are listed on the Health Service website. There will be a cost to the student for vaccination, and insurance may or may not cover the cost. Students are responsible for contacting their insurance carrier to check on coverage of vaccinations. Requirements must be submitted to Health Service no later that September 7 or a HOLD will be placed on your registration.

Information about Meningococcal Disease Students who have received the Meningitis MCV4 (ie., Menactra, Menveo) vaccine more than 5 years before starting college are strongly recommended by St Olaf to have a booster.  Meningitis B (Trumenba, Bexsero) vaccine is also recommended. Please check with your health care provider for vaccines available. International countries will have similar vaccines with different names.
Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B Vaccines. Students are highly encouraged to have vaccinations for hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

Tuberculosis Screening

**International students arriving from countries with an increased incidence of tuberculosis (TB) or students with identifiable risk factors for exposure to TB and/or for TB disease MUST complete TB screening BEFORE arrival on campus. The online TB Questionnaire will help determine who needs TB testing. All students will complete Part I.  Parts II and III are only for those who need screening. If you need TB testing, please print out parts II and III for your medical provider to complete. Those who do not need screening, do not need a provider to complete the form. If you are having a skin test, a two step TST is required (even if the first step is negative). Upload completed forms into the student health portal or mail to Health Service. Please do not send forms for tuberculosis screening by fax or email attachment. Screening needs to be within 6 months prior to college entrance. Students who received BCG vaccine as an infant or child, still need testing if indicated. **Sputum testing only is not accepted and a chest x-ray alone is not acceptable as the only form of tuberculosis screening. If testing is not done before arrival, it must be done within the first month of school. Documents must be in English or translated.
** US Students born abroad in countries with high tuberculosis risk, but living in the United States for many years without returning to that country, can submit the original screening document or be tested with a two step PPD test.   Students who have returned to their country of birth, need to submit documentation of a two step PPD test as directed.  Contact your healthcare provider for direction.

HOLDS:  Students that do not complete matriculation requirements will have a HOLD placed on their student account.  Although the deadline is July 15, students have until classes start to turn in documentation and complete the requirements on the Student Health Portal.  Students are also sent multiple messages starting the April before matriculation notifying and reminding students that they need to log into the Student Health Portal and complete requirements, upload documentation and complete an online tuberculosis questionnaire and Report of Medical History.  


Health Services Provided 

Services provided by an advanced practice provider in Health Service are limited.  For management or co-manage of chronic or complex conditions, students should establish care with a provider in the local area.  For your convenience, the Health Service website has a list of local providers, including local urgent cares.

Students under the age of 18 will need to have a completed Parental Consent form signed on file before they can be seen and treated at Health Service. The form can be found on the Health Service website under Health forms. Once completed, please mail or fax to Health Service.

Health Service does not bill insurance or manage the Student Health Insurance Plan. For information about benefits and coverage by the St Olaf College Health Plan, please see Student Accounts.
Off campus transportation options for medical/dental appointments are available and can be found on the Student Activities website.
Things to consider before arrival:

  • Put together a basic self care kit and review how to use it when needed. Suggested basic items: pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, inexpensive digital thermometer, various sized band aids, cold or allergy medication, throat lozenges, Tums, tweezers, ice pack, antibiotic ointment, non stick gauze, adhesive tape, insect repellent with DEET, and sunscreen.
  • Consider getting a flu shot before arrival on campus. It’s one less thing you need to think about during the school year.
  • Check with your health care provider to make sure immunizations are up to date. Get a physical if you are due for one. A physical is not required for matriculation, but is strongly recommended for all students before arrival on campus. Having a physical allows your health care provider an opportunity to update any needed immunizations, refill medications, and provide written prescriptions (including ADD prescriptions), and assess health needs. If you have asthma, you should have been given an asthma plan. Physicals are not available on campus.
  • See your dentist for a regular check up at least 6 months prior to coming to school, especially if you do not have dental insurance coverage.
  • If you wear contacts or glasses, bring a back up pair of glasses to campus.
  • Bring a copy of your insurance card or information and keep it in a place you can find it if needed.
  • Transfer prescriptions to a local pharmacy if needed. See Health Service website for campus delivery instructions if needed.

Health Service is closed during the summer and student breaks.