Information on ADD/ADHD

For management of ADD/ADHD prescriptions, students are encouraged to establish care early with a local provider if home prescribing provider is not able to continue to manage prescriptions while the student is at college.  Mental Health Resources can be found on the Counseling Center’s website and local, primary care providers are listed on the Health Service website.

Students seeking refills for medications for ADHD, and well managed with those medications, may only need intermittent follow up appointments with their home prescribing provider.  Northfield pharmacies can fill ADHD medication prescriptions written by out of town or out of state providers as long as the student has a written prescription that includes the provider’s active DEA number.  Most ADHD prescriptions are for a “controlled substance” and by law, cannot be called or electronically sent to the pharmacy and can only be for one month at a time.  Multiple written prescriptions can be dated the day they are written, but can indicate the specific month they are intended to be used.  For example, a student following up with their home provider in August, can receive 3 written prescriptions dated in August, but specifically indicating use in September, October, and November.  Providers will often write for a 3-6 month period.  The student can then take the prescription to a local pharmacy to have filled.

Students seeking Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) evaluation or testing:
St Olaf Health Service does not provide testing or evaluation for ADD/ADHD.  Resources for local testing can be obtained from the Rice County website or the CAAS website.


Students who have further questions about medication refills can contact:
Boe House Counseling Center: 507-786-3062
Health Service:  507-786-3063 or email