Appeals Process

Honor Council Appeals Process

Following an Honor Council hearing, students may appeal the Honor Council’s decision within five (5) business days of the hearing. Appeals may only be granted in the instances of procedural errors or if new, pertinent information is obtained.

Appeals Process:

  1. Only students found responsible for Honor System violations can initiate the appeals process.

  2. Students found responsible should contact Dean Rosalyn Eaton ( by email, citing their intent to appeal, the reason for appealing (i.e. specific procedural errors), and their Honor Council case number.

  3. Upon notification of an appeal being considered, the Council will grant Dean Eaton access to the student appellant’s case file. Dean Eaton may reach out to the student appellant and/or members of their hearing quorum for further information.

  4. After considering all case materials and testimony, Dean Eaton will either grant or deny the request for an appeal.

  5. If an appeal is granted, the Student Life Committee, composed of Dean Eaton (or their designee), St. Olaf professors, and a student representative will review the appeal and determine whether to overturn the Honor Council’s decision.

    1. The Student Life Committee only has the ability to either completely overturn an Honor Council decision or reduce the responsibility/sanction determinations made by the initial quorum.

    2. The Student Life Committee is not able to enact more severe responsibility/sanction determinations than originally assessed by the Council.

  1. If an appeal is denied, the student appellant is prohibited from appealing again.