Honor Council Members

The Honor Council is a student populated and run branch of the college judiciary. Representatives elected by the student body are responsible for investigating all possible violations of the St. Olaf honor code.

Honor Council Members:

Lauren Peterson, ’19, President  

Thomas Olson, ’19, Vice President  
I am a second-year member of the Honor Council. Serving on the council is an opportunity to uphold honesty and integrity in the classroom and beyond. To me, the Honor Code represents an invaluable academic tool for leading both faculty and students in their efforts to represent the community and for expressing the values that are at the foundation of St. Olaf. I look forward to the challenges, leadership, and responsibility of maintaining St. Olaf’s dedication to these values.

Evan Gorres, ’19, Secretary 
Chemistry, Neuroscience Concentration
After serving as a proxy for various members last year, I am excited to be an official member of the Honor Council. St. Olaf’s commitments to fairness and accountability are invaluable. I look forward to serving St. Olaf students and faculty by ensuring that the college’s foundations in academic integrity, honesty, and justice be upheld and improved.

Nicholas Gonnerman ’19
History, American Studies
On my second year as a council representative, I will continue to maintain the thriving community of trust that defines the St. Olaf student body. Oles are a responsible and accountable group; it has been an honor to work towards the high standards of decency and excellence our campus embodies.

Zvipo Musta Chisango, ’20
I’m excited to be continuing my work with the the Honor Council this year. The other members of the Council and I have spent our time together trying to ensure the development and enforcement of fair testing policies that reflect the values and evolving personality of our amazing campus. I’ve learned and grown so much already from my time on the Council and am enthusiastic about continued time with the team as well as what we can offer the campus this year.

Suvd Davaadorj, ’20
Every time I take my tests without proctors, I am reminded of the Honor Code. After coming to St. Olaf, I realized the existence of the Honor Code was one of the reasons I felt at home. Our community trusts each other and that has strenghtened my relationship with my friends, peers, and professors. Representing my class and serving on the Honor Council is a privilege, and I am grateful to the Honor Council members for sharing these common values.

Roshen Jaswal, ’20

Robert Drieslein, ’21
The trust between St. Olaf students is an integral part of the Ole community, and the Honor Code is a particularly unique aspect of that trust which helps define our campus. I’m thrilled that I have the responsibility to help preserve this common value so that our community can flourish. I know that through the dedication to holding ourselves, and our peers, to high personal standards, we can ensure that every Ole embraces the values that our campus strives to exemplify.

Amy Requa, ’21