Honor Council Members

The Honor Council is a student populated and run branch of the college judiciary. Representatives elected by the student body are responsible for investigating all possible violations of the St. Olaf honor code.

Honor Council Members:

Nicholas Tomhave, ’18, President
This year marks my fourth year as an Honor Council member. I am excited to continue serving as a link between students and faculty as we work to preserve the values which make St. Olaf such a tight-knit community. I believe that our values and honor bring out the best in ourselves and those around us, and that it’s critical to have an academic environment which fosters this process.

Gabrielle Simeck, ’18, Vice President
Political Science, Women and Gender Studies Concentration
This is my third year on the Honor Council. The Honor Code and Council, in my mind, create a culture of academic integrity and honesty on this campus. Each time a student chooses to sign or to check the box, he or she supports this environment. In many ways, a college campus represents a microcosm of the real world. Though the implementation of the Honor Code and hearings for violations, the Honor Council provides the opportunity for students to consider the consequences of their actions and reaffirm the importance of personal responsibility. I look forward to maintaining and strengthening St. Olaf’s commitment to fairness and justice as part of the Honor Council.

Alex Luna, ’18
Biology and Latin American Studies
This is my second year as a member of the Honor Council. St. Olaf is special in that it gives every member of the community an opportunity to be at least partially responsible for ensuring an academic environment of equity and integrity. For me, the ability to nurture and promote that experience is a unique privilege and responsibility in which I am proud to take part.

Rob Leet, ’18
Economics (Finance Emphasis) & Norwegian (Nordic Studies Concentration)
As a senior at St. Olaf, I strongly support the honor code system that embodies the school’s academic standards. It leaves students accountable for their own actions, and shows values of honesty and trust that resemble the school community. I look forward to maintaining the honor system at St. Olaf and ultimately enhance the well-being of students.

Thomas Olson, ’19  Secretary, off-campus fall term 2017
I am a second-year member of the Honor Council. Serving on the council is an opportunity to uphold honesty and integrity in the classroom and beyond. To me, the Honor Code represents an invaluable academic tool for leading both faculty and students in their efforts to represent the community and for expressing the values that are at the foundation of St. Olaf. I look forward to the challenges, leadership, and responsibility of maintaining St. Olaf’s dedication to these values.

Lauren Peterson, ’19  Acting Secretary, fall term 2017

Nicholas Gonnerman ’19
History, American Studies
I am excited to begin my first year on honor council, and will work to maintain the thriving community of trust that defines the St. Olaf student body. Oles are a responsible and accountable group; it will be an honor to work towards the high standards of decency and excellence our campus embodies.

Suvd Davaadorj, ’20
Biology, Neuroscience Concentration
Every time I leave my laptop in the library for hours or am able to take my tests without proctors, I am reminded of the Honor Code. After coming to St. Olaf, I have realized the existence of the Honor Code was one of the reasons I felt at home. Unlike most colleges, our mailboxes are unlocked, but I trust my fellow Oles. Everywhere on campus, I could see how everyone trusted each other. Representing my class and serving on the Honor Council for my second-year is a privilege because I have been able to do what I care about.

Zvipo Musta Chisango, ’20
I’m excited to begin my first year of service on the Honor Council. This will be an opportunity for me work with both the students and faculty to maintain the standards of fairness, honesty and trust that have become tradition here at St. Olaf. I look forward to being on a team that I will undoubtedly learn from and grow with.