When Benefits Coverage Will End

  • Your benefits coverage will end on the last day of the month in which your employment ends. Federal and state laws permit you to continue your health, dental, and life insurance at your own cost. You can also elect to continue to contribute to your medical reimbursement account and access the Employee Assistance Program. This is called COBRA continuation of coverage.
  • To qualify for COBRA, you must have been covered as an eligible employee on your last day of work. You have 45 days from your last day of work to elect continuation coverage and complete the form. A COBRA packet will be sent to your home address within 14 days after your employment ends.

Unused Vacation

Resigning employees are eligible for payment for any accrued-unused vacation balance. The accrued, unused vacation balance is based on the last actual work day as determined by the supervisor in consultation with Human Resources.

Contact Information

  • Address – Use Employee Self-Service to update your address. This will allow mailed items, such as W-2 forms, to reach you.
  • Personal Email Address – Consider leaving your personal email address with Human Resources in the event we need to contact you.

Exit Interview

  • Human Resources schedules exit interviews with all departing staff. Please watch for an email and schedule yours in a timely matter.

Departure Check List

  • Human Resources will email you a check list of tasks that may need your attention before your last day of employment.