Summer Student Employment Policies

  1. Hiring preference should always be given to current St. Olaf students who will be returning in the fall. The “summer student employment” funding – account 53400 – is to be used.
  2. In rare circumstances, offices may hire graduating seniors to complete projects already underway when their past experience and knowledge is essential.
  3. The employment of a student who does not attend St. Olaf is not allowed.
  4. To avoid conflicts of interest, please do not hire family members to work in your area.
  5. The summer student employment rate of pay is $10.10 per hour and $10.35 for special skills/supervisory positions. CURI Summer Student Research employees will be paid $12.00/hour. Any other proposed special rates of pay will require the approval of the division Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer.
  6. Whether employed in one or multiple jobs, a summer student employee should not be allowed to work more than 40 hours per week. We need to spread the summer employment budget to cover as many hours as possible so overtime is to be avoided.
  7. “Free” housing and meals may not be offered as a form of additional compensation. A few jobs do require living in the residence halls in a supervisory role or monitoring campers during meals in which case the housing or some meals are work-related. Any position for which housing or meals are to be provided because they are work-related must be approved by the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in advance of any job offers being made.

The Office of Human Resources manages summer student employment. If you have questions regarding these guidelines or summer student employment in general, please email us or call 507-786-3480.