Values in the Workplace

All people in the St. Olaf College community are valued. As stewards of St. Olaf’s tradition of achievement and excellence, members of the community strive to uphold its academic mission to provide an education committed to the liberal arts, rooted in the Christian Gospel, and incorporating a global perspective. The following values and aspirations guide our lives and work in this community:

Lifelong Learning

Central to the College’s activities is the education and development of students for a life of learning and service. Learning and education demand open communication, free expression, and the pursuit of truth. The continued training and professional growth of all members in the community is indispensable to the accomplishment of these goals.


The vitality and growth of St. Olaf depend upon a willingness to trust and participate, to accept new challenges imaginatively, to take risks, and to innovate. Such a community requires respectful, supportive, cooperative, and caring relationships.


St. Olaf welcomes people of diverse backgrounds, opinions, and beliefs. We respect the dignity of each person and are considerate of other cultures.


Institutional honesty requires fair, just, and equitable treatment; similarly, individual honesty is essential to the performance of our duties and in our relations with each other and those we serve.


The human resources of the College are valued and their health, goodwill, and safety attended to wisely. To attain excellence in performance, members of the community need to know what is expected of them and be provided the resources to fulfill their responsibilities. The physical and financial assets of the College are to be used responsibly and prudently with care for the aesthetics, environment, facilities, and equipment of the campus and workplace.