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Megan Carmès
Visa Coordinator

Megan supports students, faculty, and staff who are traveling abroad with visa regulations and the coordination of travel documentation. She also assists international students with immigration regulations and staying in compliance.

Brittan Duffing
Administrative Assistant

Brittan is the IOS administrative assistant. She helps students with semester program applications.

Antonia Grant
IOS Coordinator, Advising and Short-Term Programs

Toni supports and advises students as they explore their off-campus study options, from initial inquiry to return. She also supports several faculty with planning their Interim programs.

Jodi Malmgren

Jodi provides overall leadership of the International and Off-Campus Studies office and programs. She works with faculty, staff, and students to globalize the St. Olaf curriculum and campus.

Tracy O'Neill
Budget and Data Coordinator

Tracy manages the budgets for the IOS office, the TerraDotta online application system for study abroad, the logistics for several Interim programs, and study abroad statistics.

Jill Olstad
International Scholar Coordinator

Jill is the J-visa coordinator and welcomes all of the international faculty and graduate student visitors to the College. She also supports several faculty with planning their Interim programs.

Kathy Tuma
Associate Director

Kathy maintains contacts with our program hosts, manages the selection process, works on program budgets, coordinates group flights, and makes arrangements for a number of Interims.