Re-Entry Meetings & Evaluations

Upon return, all students will have the opportunity to do two things: attend their program Re-Entry Meeting and complete a Program Evaluation Form.

The vast majority of students choose to attend the Re-Entry Meeting for their program – and we highly encourage them to do so!  Regardless of whether a student was off-campus during Interim, a semester, or for a full year, they will be invited to a Re-Entry Meeting with the IOS Coordinator, Antonia Grant, and the Program Advisor.  These meetings allow:

  • Students to share various aspects of their time off campus – including any concerns or frustrations they may have.  Re-Entry Meetings offer the best chance for IOS and Program Advisors to hear about student’s experiences, become better advisors of the program for future students, address concerns, and get a better sense of the opportunities students have while on their chosen program.
  • To better understand the “on the ground” experience students have within the host community/host university – especially related to academic coursework, registration, credit transfer, housing, on-site staff/providers, the local community, etc.
  • Offer support to students as they transition back to campus, find ways to connect their off-campus experience with their remaining time on the Hill or with their future careers, and assist with transfer credits.

We highly encourage students to attend these meetings and provide feedback about the program.  If you cannot attend this meeting or if you would like to meet with IOS staff individually, you can contact via email at or make an appointment here.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to provide feedback about the program formally through a Program Evaluation Form sent to all returning students by email.  These evaluations greatly assist IOS in better understanding student experiences off campus related to academics, housing, programs opportunities, etc.  Evaluations are anonymous and used to improve programs and advising.  They also assist us in better understanding the support students receive at the host university or within the host community.

We recognize that transitioning back to the United States and/or St. Olaf can be difficult.  The Re-Entry Meetings and Program Evaluation Forms offer two ways for us know and address these concerns.  If you are experiencing a difficult transition, we recommend that you speak with someone – whether a formal resource like  IOSBOE HouseCollege Ministry, the Dean’s Office, a primary medical provider, etc. or an informal resource like friends and family.  If you don’t know where to start, please contact and she can work with you to identify the best resource.