First Time Travelers

Tips for

Tips for First Time Travelers

Your program is all set and you are almost ready to leave. Congratulations! If it is your first time traveling or going abroad, here are some resources to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible – from booking the ticket, packing to what to do before and after the flight.

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to come by the International & Off-Campus Studies Office – we’re here to help.

Pro Tips

    • Be open-minded and be ready to learn new things. 
    • Be flexible. 
    • Okay to ask for help!
    • Research, research, research!
    • Understand the rules/regulations of host community.
    • Make use of the other IOS resources available online and in the office. 

Common Terms

Airline Desk – place in the entrance area of an airport where you check in your checked luggage and if applicable receive your boarding pass (for flights with no online check in)

Baggage Claim – area in the airport where passengers collect their baggage

Boarding Pass – ticket to travel on an airplane, available after check in

Business Class – between first class and coach seating on an airplane  

Carry-on Luggage – baggage that is carried onto the airplane with you, size restrictions apply based on airline

Check-in – the process of confirming your booking with the airline

Checked Luggage – baggage that is carried to the airplane via train and loaded into the airplane. It is inaccessible during your flight. Weight restrictions apply

Concourse – the building of the airport that provide access to the airplanes

Customs – place in the airport where officials check what “stuff” is being brought into the country. Certain valuables and other restricted items must be declared here (e.g. alcohol, tobacco)

First Class – seating that offers the most premium service on an airplane  

Gate – place in the airport where passengers load the airplane

Hub – city where an airline has a major presence

Immigration – people traveling from one country to another  

Jet Lag – being extremely tired after a long trip across the multiple time zones and the time it takes your body to adjust  

Layover – a stop to change planes to another flight before continuing on to your final destination 

Nonstop – a flight that arrives at the destination without stopping

Online Check in – Process usually in the 24h before departure where you on the airline’s website confirm your seat and other information 

Passport – ID proof of citizenship. Must not be expired  

Security check – before entering the concourse, every passenger is examined for potential unallowed items by x-raying the luggage and doing a whole-body scan

Red-Eye flight – a flight that takes place between 9pm and 7am

Round Trip – two separate flights; one travels to the destination and one returns back to place of departure   

Terminal – building of the airport where passengers will board and leave the airplane