International and Off-Campus Studies Intended Learning Outcomes

As a result of participation in a St. Olaf international study program, students will demonstrate:

1.  Knowledge of at least one other place of the world outside of the US, including one or more aspects of the place, such as cultural characteristics and worldviews, history and contemporary issues, social institutions and the relation of people to the environment.

2. Familiarity with global interconnectedness and particularly with the various ways in which US society and one’s life choices have an impact on and are affected by one or more places in the world in the past and/or present.

3. Enhanced ability to compare and contrast characteristics of their own culture and place and another culture and place, and to understand some of the factors that have produced differences.

4. Enhanced ability to adapt to and interact effectively with people of different social and cultural backgrounds.

5. Enhanced likelihood of further study or other engagement with other cultures or regions of the world.