International & Off-Campus Study for First-Year Students

Where would you like to study?

St. Olaf has more than 70 approved semester and yearlong destinations for off-campus study in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. In addition, each year we offer about 30 January Interim programs led by St. Olaf faculty to domestic and international destinations around the world.  Search all available programs!

What type of program best fits you?

There are three main types of programs:

  • St. Olaf faculty-led programs (this includes January Interim)
  • Exchange and direct enroll programs to universities in the U.S. and abroad
  • Provider programs, such as CIEE or DIS
  • Hybrid programs which include providers and direct enroll universities

Do you want to study where you speak the language?

St. Olaf offers programs for students studying Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, and Spanish.  An immersion environment fosters improved language proficiency.

When is the best time for you to study off-campus?

The most common time to study off-campus for a semester or year is junior year. However, students also participate during second semester of sophomore year or first semester of senior year.  Students study off-campus for Interim during all four years.  A few Interim programs  are open to first year students. Students should check eligibility requirements for any programs of interest. First year students may apply for open Interims (programs with available space) after arriving on-campus in September. About 20% of St. Olaf students study off-campus more than once.

How much does it cost to study off-campus?

The semester/year programs average cost is $2000-$5000 (which includes an estimate for room/board/airfare) over the cost of studying on campus. The January Interim programs cost $720-$3950 for domestic programs and $3680-$6900 for the one-month study program off-campus. There are no application fees to study off-campus. Studying off-campus for a semester is the most cost-effective!  Scholarships are available for all St. Olaf off-campus programs!

What credits can you bring back from off-campus?

St. Olaf students who study off-campus on St. Olaf approved programs stay on track for graduation. General Education credits and major credits from approved off-campus programs count towards graduation. These credits do not count in the GPA unless taught by St. Olaf faculty, but they do show on the St. Olaf transcript.  See Credits and Transcripts for more information.

When should you apply?

To study off-campus during January of your first year, it is necessary to complete the application in September. Contact International and Off-Campus Studies in Tomson 380 for information about the application process.

The application deadline for semester and year programs is typically mid to late February.  Online applications are available the beginning of November after the Off-Campus Study Fair in late October/early November.

Applications for the January Interims are available in early April after the Off-Campus Interim Fair. The first deadline for Interim selection is in late April. Applications are accepted on a rolling admission after that date until October.

If you have questions.

Each approved program has a faculty program advisor. The faculty member is a valuable resource about each individual program and is listed on the International and Off-Campus website.  You can also meet with our advising coordinator, Brittan Duffing in the International and Off-Campus Studies Office.

International and Off-Campus is located in Tomson 380.  Office staff is available to answer questions and assist you with choosing a program to suit your academic needs.