IOS Advisory Council

The International and Off-Campus Studies office has a faculty and staff advisory council that consults on the initiatives of the office and contributes to the larger mission of educating students for a global perspective.


The purpose of the Advisory Council is to advise and support the Director in:

1. Strategic planning and program development for off-campus study, internships, and undergraduate research

a. Enhancing the impact of existing programs on student learning

b. Making optimal use of resources

c. Identifying opportunities for new programs, partnerships, and strategies

2. Integrating on- and off-campus programs to promote comprehensive internationalization and global learning.


The Advisory Council (2017-18), convened by Dana Gross, Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary and General Studies, and chaired by Jodi Malmgren, Director of International and Off-Campus Studies, consists of the following appointed members:

  • Jenny Howenstine
  • Rika Ito
  • Paul Jackson
  • Nate Jacobi
  • Tim Schroer
  • Kathy Tegtmeyer Pak
  • Mary Titus
  • Maria Vendetti

Questions regarding the IOS Advisory Council can be directed to Jodi Malmgren at