List of Interim 2017 Programs

Africa/Middle East

Biology 253: Water in Morocco: Precious, Precarious and Problematic

French 235: French Language and Moroccan Culture in Fes

Religion 271: The Bible in Context: History, Geography, and Culture in Israel and Palestine

Social Work 280: Social Realities in South Africa



Asian Studies 215: Asian Conversations II: Encountering Asia



Art 106: Drawing from Nature in the Bahamas

Biology 287: Island Biology in the Bahamas

English 212: Literature of the Eastern Caribbean



Art 255: Italian Art in Context

Classics 251: Classical Studies in Greece

French 275: Interdisciplinary French Studies in Paris

German 233: Language and Culture Studies in Germany

Interdisciplinary 258: Theater in London

Mathematics 239: Number Theory in Budapest

Spanish 270: Spain’s Cultural and Linguistic Legacy


New Zealand

Management Studies 260: Innovation in New Zealand


South and Central America

Biology 284: Peruvian Medical Experience

Biology/Environmental Studies 286: Tropical Ecology and Sustainable Land Use in Costa Rica

OFFC 162: Social and Political Transformation in Ecuador (HECUA)

Spanish 233: Intermediate Spanish II in Ecuador

Spanish 234: Intermediate Spanish II in Costa Rica


North America

Biology 248: Research Electron Microscopy

Education 170: Urban Schools and Communities

History 278: Experiencing Southern History

Interdisciplinary 140: Health and Social Inequality: Rural and Urban Perspectives

Interdisciplinary 255: The Physician in Clinical and Hospital Health Care

Psychology 227: Environmental Psychology at Rocky Mountain National Park