Low Income and/or First Generation Students

Low Income and First Generation students may experience unique opportunities and challenges woven into off-campus study.  Indeed, many students perceive familial, financial, and/or personal barriers to off-campus study.  Much like traversing college as a First Generation student, navigating the off-campus study process can, at times, feel overwhelming.  IOS strongly encourages students to meet with the International and Off-Campus Studies Coordinator to discuss your options for studying abroad.

St. Olaf strives to remove as many financial barriers to studying off-campus as possible.  All students can expect any financial aid, scholarships, and/or grants they received as a St. Olaf student to “follow them” off campus (NOTE: work study may differ in this regard).  This allows students to use the aid and scholarships they currently receive toward their off-campus study experience(s).  Additionally, St. Olaf offers many scholarship opportunities, including one scholarship for which students are automatically considered during the application process.  IOS is dedicated to assisting students navigate the application and scholarship processes to ensure all funding options are considered during the application and pre-departure phases.

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