Multicultural Students

Students with multicultural identities will have unique opportunities and challenges during their off-campus study experience(s).  The IOS Office recognizes and honors that many students may face unique familial, financial, and/or personal barriers in the off-campus study process.  The IOS Office strives to remove as many barriers as possible in the application, advising, participation, and re-entry processes.  We strongly encourage all students who are interested in off-campus study to meet with an IOS Advisor or a staff member in the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion Office.

Things to Consider

IMG_7674 – A Resource for African American/Black Students – A Resource for Hispanic/Latinx Students – A Resource for Native/Indigenous Students – Videos for Students of Color Considering Off-Campus Study
Black Life in China – A Blog
CIA – The World Fact Book (provides information on the history, people, government, economy, etc. of various locations abroad)
Diversity Abroad-Racism as an Emotional Health Hazard: Studying Abroad as a Student of Color
Diversity Abroad – Heritage Seekers
Diversity Abroad – Racial & Ethnic Minority Students Abroad
Diversity Abroad – Realizing My Skin Color (an article authored by a student of color) – Meaningful Travel Tips and Tales, African American Perspectives – Students of Color Study Abroad: The Good, The Bad, The Weird
Go Abroad. com – Studying Abroad As A Minority 
IES – IDEA Blogs and Stories by Students of Color on Their Experiences Abroad
IES – Traveling with Natural Hair
‘Let’s Talk: The Challenge of Diversity in Buenos Aires’ – Student Created Video about the challenges of diversity in Buenos Aires, Argentina
PLATO – Resources for Students of Color Considering Off-Campus Study
The Blog Abroad – A Blog by a Woman of Color and Her Travels Abroad
U Go Gurl – Resource for Black/African American Women

Country Specific Diversity Resources – Published by IES
-Includes resources for: Morocco, South Africa, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador.

Intercultural Competency Reading List – Published by IES