Music Ensemble Students

Students involved in music ensembles can study off campus during their time at St. Olaf!  While involvement in music ensembles may limit the timing or program options, there is absolutely a time and a place for Music students to study off campus.  We highly recommend that students work with their faculty advisor, music faculty, and conductor to ensure they are able to fit it within their four-year plan.  Additionally, students can seek off-campus study advising from the International and Off-Campus Studies office – appointments can be made here.

Programs to Consider for Ensemble Students (note: this is NOT an exhaustive list of options, but a place to start and inclusive of programs focused on or specific to Music):
– DIS Copenhagen (Denmark)
– IES French Studies in Paris, France
– IES Study Abroad in Milan, Italy
– The International Summer School – University of Oslo
– University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Additional Considerations:
– Music students can attend any of the approved programs that work within their timeline and four-year plan.  You do not need to limit yourself to programs that only offer Music options, unless, of course, that is a priority for your experience off campus!
– Do you plan to bring an instrument with you?  If so, will you need practice space made available to you?
– Do you need private lessons while you are studying off campus?  What options do you have for course work and/or lessons while off campus?
– Do you plan to receive major credit while off-campus?  If so, please clear major transfer credits with the Department Chair for the Music Department.
– Keep in mind that some music ensembles (e.g., the St. Olaf Choir) require continuous participation, meaning you will want to study off campus before you audition.