Off-Campus Study By Major

There are many reasons students choose off-campus study programs.  All of them are valid!  For students who wish to study off-campus within their major or who would like to increase the possibility of receiving major credit while studying off-campus, we have created these Off-Campus Study in the Major documents (please note that some majors still need to be completed, if your major is “TBA”, please contact Brittan Duffing in IOS for advising.

To request major credit while off-campus, students must work with the Department Chair or Program Director of their major.  Department Chairs are listed on department websites.  When students request courses be reviewed for course credit, students should send the course syllabus and their reasoning for the request to the Department Chair by email to initiate the conversation.  Request requirements vary by department, but generally, these requests can be made before, during, and after the semester off-campus.  The IOS Office highly recommends students keep a written record of major course approvals from off-campus study, as Department Chairs can change from year to year.  If you have further questions about this process, please contact your Department Chair or Brittan Duffing in IOS.

Program Search by Major or Concentration

Below is a list of departments for which we have a compiled programs that may interest students majoring in those subjects.
However you may not need to be in one of these majors to participate in these programs.

Program Search by Academic Focus or Area of Interest