Off-Campus Study By Major and Subject Area of Interest

There are many reasons students choose off-campus study programs.  All of them are valid!  For students who wish to study off-campus within their major or concentration or those who would like to increase the possibility of receiving major or concentration credit while studying off-campus, we have created these Off-Campus Study in the Major and Concentration documents and a major/concentration/area of study comparative spreadsheet, both linked below.

For your planning conveniences, IOS has prepared a downloadable and fillable Course Projection Form. This form allows students to input anticipated courses, credit amount, GE attribute, and credit type.

Program Search by Major and Concentration Department Recommendations 

Below is a list of departments for which we have a compiled programs that may interest students majoring in those subjects.
You may not need to be in one of these majors to participate in these programs.


Disciplines by Program (2)

Program Search by Academic Focus or Area of Interest

Explore semester and year-length off-campus study programs by the academic disciplines, or areas of study, that they offer courses in.  Presented in a color-coded spreadsheet, you may view all programs that offer courses in or related to an academic discipline, like Political Science, or follow discipline offerings by Program.

Checked boxes are used to indicate if a program offers the listed opportunity or major/concentration.  In addition to majors/concentrations available at St. Olaf, many programs offer courses in disciplines not offered at St. Olaf.

Note:  This document is not meant to indicate if coursework taken at the program can/will count in the major/concentration at St. Olaf.  Rather, the document is meant to indicate that they program offers courses in or related to that area of study.   Coursework for majors/concentrations must be approved by the Department Chair/Program Director.  

Explore Programs by Major/Concentration/Discipline

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Interested in interning or volunteering while off campus?

Some off-campus study programs offer opportunities for participants to intern or do some volunteering.  With some programs, interning or volunteering is a required part of the curriculum and experience.  With others, it’s simply voluntary and something that may enhance your off-campus study experience.  If you’re interested in pursuing an internship or volunteer placement during your off-campus study program this list of programs with required or optional internships and volunteer placements can help your explore options.