Re-Entry Opportunities

Re-Entry Strategies – Returning to St. Olaf after an off-campus study program requires an adjustment – an academic adjustment as well as a personal adjustment. Part of the transition back to campus involves finding ways to continue your off-campus experience now that you are back on campus, as well as ways of sharing what you learned off campus with peers and the St. Olaf community.  This page includes a lot of ideas to help you transition back to the Hill!

Re-Entry Meetings & Evaluations  – All students who return from off-campus study experiences are highly encouraged to attend their Re-Entry Meeting and complete the Program Evaluation Form.  Re-Entry Meetings are scheduled for all programs and are a crucial component to the St. Olaf Off-Campus Study experience.  We welcome all stories, feedback, and concerns from returned students to assist us in better knowing our programs, our on-site partners, and the experiences ours students are having off campus.

Contests for Returned Students – After returning from campus, students have the opportunity to enter photographs, videos, and writing samples in our three contests for returned students!  This is a fantastic way for students to engage with the campus community by sharing pieces of their experiences off campus!