Explanation of Program Fees

What Do Program Fees Cover?

All students participating in St. Olaf College off-campus programs pay St. Olaf tuition and additional program costs.  The chart identifies the total cost of attendance for all semester and year-long programs.  The final column compares the cost of the program to the cost of staying on campus.  A detailed budget is available online for each semester or year-long program.

Interim programs are budgeted in a variety of ways and specific information will be provided at the time of application.

Costs Not Covered

a.     Passport
b.     Recommended or required immunizations or physical examinations
c.     Travel expenses to obtain a visa in another city (generally Chicago, but it depends on the home residence of the St. Olaf student)
d.     Holiday periods. During program breaks, all accommodations, meals, travel and incidentals are to be arranged by the individual student at their own expense.
e.     Personal expenditures such as independent excursions
f.     Specific items as indicated separately for each program

Is Financial Aid Available?

St. Olaf students participating in St. Olaf off-campus programs are eligible to retain the financial aid they would receive while studying on campus, with the exception that student work is not available while a student is participating in an off-campus program.

Scholarship assistance is available to help in meeting the additional program costs associated with off-campus programs.  Students with financial need will typically be awarded scholarships.

Students interested in receiving information about scholarships should contact the Office of Financial Aid or International and Off-Campus Studies.

It is important to work with the St. Olaf Financial Aid Office to achieve the best possible financing for your off-campus program.  Your federal, state and institutional grants, scholarships and loans may be used for St. Olaf off-campus semester and year programs.  You may revise your yearly financial aid request to reflect the additional cost of off-campus programs.  Extra loans, such as the SELF loan are also available.

Some program-specific and non-St. Olaf funded scholarships are also available. Application deadlines and scholarship requirements vary, so it is important to explore scholarship options early.

Students who do not attend St. Olaf College should seek financial aid through their home institutions. St. Olaf provides financial aid only to those students who have been formally admitted and intend to graduate from St. Olaf.