Statistics – Off-Campus Study at St. Olaf

2015-16 Off-Campus Study Participation Statistics

  • 815 unique St. Olaf students participated in a total of 830 off-campus experiences.  15 students participated in two programs during the year.  830 experiences is a 1% increased from 2014-15 participation.
  • Semester participants made up 24.9% of the total, with Interim and Summer participants comprising 75.1%,
  • Domestic participants made up 16.7% of the total, with 83.3% of students choosing international experiences.

Class of 2016 Off-Campus Participation

Of the 775 graduating seniors, 591 (or 76.3%) participated in at least one off-campus study program.  Of those students, 234 (or 30.2%) participated in 2 or more experiences. This is an increase from 69.3% of the class of 2015,

  • International off-campus programs = 554 students, 71.5% participation
  • Domestic off-campus programs = 105 students, 13.5% participation

Open Doors 2015 (based on 2013-14 participation)

The 2015 Institute of International Education Open Doors Report published in November 2015 ranked St. Olaf #1 among baccalaureate institutions (for the 7th year in a row) for total number of study abroad students with 684 participants.  Note that the Open Doors Report excludes international student participants and participants in domestic off-campus study programs, so total participation as measured by IIE is lower.  Of the top 5 institutions, only Depauw University (ranked #4) has a smaller enrollment than St. Olaf.