Travel Insurance

EIIA International Travel Insurance

The program protects individuals traveling on behalf of St. Olaf, or as a participant in institution sponsored trips (i.e. off-campus study programs), outside of the United States or its Territories and Possessions.  Services and benefits outside of the United States include but are not limited to: Accidental Death & Dismemberment; Emergency medical care for a serious accident or sickness; Evacuation – Medical, Natural Disaster, and Security (Political Unrest); Lost or Stolen Baggage; Trip Cancellation and Interruption resulting from a serious accident or sickness.

Effective 7/1/2019:
EIIA Travel Insurance with EuropAssistance
Toll free in the US or Canada: +1 (855) 901-6712
Collect from outside of the US: +1 (240) 330-15551
EuropeAssistance EIIA – ID Card
Group ID: C2EII    Activation Code: 150424

Travel Abroad Plan Summary
International Travel Insurance Program FAQs
Medical Reimbursement Claim Form
Trip Cancellation or Interruption Claim Form

Prior to 7/1/2019: EIIA International Travel Insurance with SevenCorners:
SevenCorners EIIA-ID Card and Seven Corners EIIA Insurance Coverage Summary
Inside the US: +1 (844) 344-2360
Collect – from Overseas: +1 (317) 818-2097