Broomball Rules


Schedules for the league will be posted on the bulletin boards located right next to P E / Athletics Office in Skoglund.


1.        All players MUST wear a helmet & all Goalies MUST wear a goalie mask.

2.        All players must use sticks provided by the Intramural Sports Program. Intramural Sports provides helmets and brooms for all players, and a glove, mask and chest protector for the goalie, but all other protective equipment must be supplied by the teams.

3.        Goalie may wear either a baseball glove (provided – right handed only) OR an original goalie glove.

4.        Leg Protection:

  1. Goalie is allowed to use equipment to protect his/her knees, shins, and ankles NOT exceeding the width of baseball catcher’s equipment.
  2. Players are allowed to wear shin guards to protect their shins from the ball and brooms.

5.        NO JEWELRY, NO JEANS, NO BASEBALL HATS, NO BANDANAS.  ALL MUST COME OFF!  For the safety of the participants!!


1.        Each team consists of a total of six (6) players on the ice, with a maximum of 4 males on the ice at any given time. Teams may play with a minimum 4 players.



1.        The game consists of two periods of 20 minutes each, with a 3 minute rest between periods.  Goals are to be changed after each period.

2.        The ball will be dropped in the middle of the center ice at the start of the game as well as at the beginning of each period and after each goal is scored.

3.        Play can’t start until the whistle is blown.  Penalty: loss of possession.

4.        There are no time-outs.  Officials will carry extra balls and drop one into play if it goes out of bounds.

5.        No overtimes will be played during the regular season.

6.        Overtimes in playoffs will being with a dropped ball at center ice and will be sudden death. As many 5-minute overtimes as needed will be played until a winner is determined. All regulation rules apply. No shootouts!

7.        The clock starts when the ball is put in play and is touched by a member of either team.

8.        Play is continuous throughout the first half and the first 18 minutes of the second half.  The clock will stop ONLY on injuries, officials’ time outs and penalties during that time.

9.     The clock will stop on EVERY WHISTLE during the last 2 minutes of the second half.

10.     When any player accumulates 3 fouls/penalties for roughing and/or misconduct, s/he is out for the duration of the game.

11.     Free substitution is allowed.  A player entering the game as a substitute should use the stick of the player being replaced.  Change of goalies can only take place when the clock is stopped.

12.     Officials may stop play for injuries or extenuating circumstances at any time.

13.     Players may catch the ball if it is in flight, but then must drop it from where they caught it and be the next player offensive to touch it with his/her broom. Players may NOT intentionally kick the ball down the ice or to another player. Feet can only be used to stop/control the ball.

14.     If the ball goes out of the rink, the team opposing the team which last touched the ball will put the ball back into play at the point where the ball left the rink.

15.     Players may NOT throw brooms, Throwing brooms will result in a penalty shot for the first infraction and an automatic goal for the opposing team for any further infractions.

16.     Penalty shots will be awarded for serious infractions (checking, tripping, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.) A player who is awarded a penalty shot will have one shot (with no rebound) from 15-feet in front of the opposing team’s goal. (See Fouls) Play will resume with a face-off at center ice.

17.     The ball may NOT be played with the broom above the waist. Brooms can not be raised above the waist during either a wind-up or follow-thru or to stop the ball from flying through the air.

18.     Players may not wear shoes with spikes, glue or any type of abrasive material on the bottom. Immediate disqualification will result.  Regulation Broomball shoes are permitted.

19.     If bad weather  forces the cancellation of a game, it will be rescheduled if possible by the Intramural Director Teams may NOT reschedule their games on their own.



1.        A goal is scored anytime the ball completely crosses the goal line.

2.        Under no circumstances will a goal be counted on a foul, or with offensive players in the goal box.

3.        On shots where the ball is deflected off a player or equipment into the goal, the goal counts.

4.        Goals do not count if the ball is kicked or hit with the hand or foot into the goal.



1.        The goalie may use their hands, broom or glove to clear the ball from the goal.

2.        A face-off in the near zone occurs if the goalie used their broom or throws the ball across center ice without it touching someone from either team or the boards first.

3.        The goalie is not exempt from penalty when he/she is outside the goal box.

4.        The goalie has only 3 seconds to play the ball from the crease once he/she has gained full possession.  Penalty: Face off in near zone.

5.        Shots directly on a goal or directly above the goal that go out of bounds shall be returned to the goalie to be put back into play.



1.        Roughing Fouls (All roughing fouls constitute a penalty shot)

a.        Slashing – when an opponent is hit with the broom and in the judgment of the official, the player slashing has no chance to hit the ball.

b.       Contact with an opposing player with the broom above the waist.

c.        Contact with the goalie while in the goal box.

d.       Physical Contact (Pushing, Kneeing, Shoving, etc.)

e.        Tripping or hooking with the broom.

f.         Deliberately hitting or kicking the puck during a substitution.

g.       Offensive players inside of the goal box.  If it is accidental a penalty will not be called unless contact is made with the goalie. The stick is a part of the player.

h.       Playing the ball with the hand to a teammate.

i.         Deliberately hooking, grabbing or kicking the broom out of an opponent’s hand.

j.         Swinging the broom above the waist during play.


2.        Administration of Fouls

a.        Fighting or deliberately fouling another player calls for automatic ejection from the game.

b.       Disrespect to an official, excessive profanity, and abuse of facility or equipment will lead to ejection.

c.        Official’s calls are FINAL!!!!



The game will be called if a team is up ten (10) goals at any point in the game.



Any player that is bleeding must leave the game immediately.  The bleeding must be stopped and the wound securely covered before that player can continue playing.



1st forfeit:  Team will be charged a $5 forfeit fee. Must settle all forfeit fees to be eligible for playoffs.

2nd forfeit:  Team may be dropped from the league!



All players must play in one regular season game to be eligible for playoffs.