Virtual Marathon

What is the Virtual Marathon?
The virtual marathon is a way for students, faculty, and staff to stay active during the Tostrud/Skoglund Shutdown. The goal is to run, walk, bike, or bear crawl 26.2 miles during the competition period, March 18th – April 5th. Participants who complete the distance during that time will receive an Intramural Championship T-Shirt (subject to availability). Participants do not need to register. Just use the form below to report your distance and time.

How do I track my time and distance?
Smartphone apps such as MapMyRun can track your time and distance for you, making the process very easy. Additionally, MapMyRun has functionality to allow you to create your route ahead of time, so you can plan how far you want to run. Once you finish your run, scroll down to the form below to report your time and distance.

I have already reached 26.2 miles, now what?
Keep going. The goal is reach 26.2 miles, but we will continue to update the leader board below. At the end of the race period we will have a winner for longest distance and a fastest pace (among those who complete the marathon).

Submissions for the Virtual Marathon have closed. Thank you for participating and stay active!