Survey Data Collection Schedules

2019-20 Community-wide Surveys

Fall 2019:
  • First Destination Survey – Class of 2019
  • Schuler Education Foundation National Young Alumni Survey
  • BORSC Student Life Survey of Campus Life – all students
  • Pacific Consulting Group – focus groups, interviews, and  surveys of all current degree-seeking students and their parents/guardians
  • EverFi Diversity & Inclusion Beliefs, Attitudes, and Experiences survey (part of online training) – all sophomores, juniors and seniors
  • SOAN 371 research project (led by Dr. Ryan Sheppard) – survey of sophomores and juniors
  • SGA Textbook Survey – all students
  • Gallup Employee Engagement Survey – all faculty and staff
  • St. Olaf Library Space Survey – all faculty, staff, and stolaf-extra
Spring 2020:

Note that IE&A is not the lead office for surveys listed in italics.