Survey Data Collection Schedules

2020-21 Community-wide Surveys

Fall 2020:
  • First Destination Survey – Class of 2020
  • BCSSE  (Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement) – First year students
  • HEDS (Higher Education Data Sharing) Returning Student Survey – All returning students (sophomores, juniors, seniors)
Spring 2021:
  • NCHA (National College Health Assessment) – All students
  • FSSE (Faculty Survey of Student Engagement)- All faculty
  • NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement)- First year and seniors
  • HEDS  (Higher Education Data Sharing) Alumni Survey – Classes of 2015 + 2016
  • First Destination and Piper Center/HIPs Survey – Class of 2021

Note that IE&A is not the lead office for surveys listed in italics.