Assessment Examples and Resources

Many assessment approaches developed for one purpose or program can be readily adapted for use in other contexts.  Below are ideas and practical examples from assessment projects at St. Olaf and from other organizations in higher education.

Practical examples of assessment at St. Olaf
Assessment support at St. Olaf
  • Assessment grants for departments and programs
    Small grants are available to departments and programs to support expenses for gathering, analyzing, discussing, and acting on evidence of student learning in departments and programs
  • Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts (CILA)
    CILA periodically hosts Faculty Conversations focused on gathering and using evidence of student learning for program review and improvement
  • Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Staff
    The Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, the Assistant Director of Assessment, the Assistant Director of Institutional Research and Student Success, and the Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Administrative Assistant are all available for assessment planning consultations
  • Assessment Committee
    Members of the Assessment Committee are happy to consult with departments, programs, and individual faculty and staff
Assessment resources from professional associations
  • AAC&U “Essential Learning Outcomes” rubrics
    Rubrics developed by national faculty teams led by the Association of American Colleges and Universities for assessing outcomes common to many programs, such as critical thinking, oral communication, quantitative literacy, and effective writing
  • AAC&U assessment website
    Helpful publications and examples of practice in a variety of institutions compiled by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, which seeks to “develop and advance assessment practices that deepen, integrate, and demonstrate student learning”
  • National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment
    Reports, occasional papers, and examples of practice from a new organization working to make learning outcomes usable and transparent to professionals and stakeholders in higher education
  • NASPA Student Affairs Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Knowledge Community
    Helpful publications and institutional examples for assessing student learning and development in student affairs programs
  • ACPA Commission for Assessment and Evaluation
    Assessment resources from the American College Personnel Association intended to support student learning, development, and effective student affairs practice.