Program-Level Assessment

Faculty and staff gather evidence of student learning in a wide array of academic programs at St. Olaf, such as majors, concentrations, conversations, experiential learning, and study abroad. Departments and programs use results both to affirm current practices and to identify potential areas for improvement in curriculum, pedagogy, advising, and other academic experiences.

Dean’s requests for major and program-level assessment

Requests from the Provost and Dean of the College to gather and act on evidence of student learning

Major and program-level intended learning outcomes

Links to all statements of intended learning outcomes for majors, concentrations, conversations, and other academic programs

Assessment examples and resources

Ideas and information from a wide variety of sources, from assessment instruments developed by St. Olaf faculty and staff, to institutional and inter-institutional examples of practice

Assessment grants

Application information for small grants from IE&A to support expenses for gathering, analyzing, discussing, and acting on evidence of student learning in departments and programs

Assessment reports

Summaries and syntheses of program-level and institutional assessment findings