Dean’s Requests for Program-Level Assessment

Requests from the Dean of the College are prepared in response to recommendations from the faculty Curriculum Committee and serve as assessment “assignments” for departments, programs, and other academic units.

Following the four-year cycle of assessment, each year the Dean of the College requests that faculty engage in program-level assessment. The current request, as well as past requests, can be viewed below. For information on the general education curricular assessment conducted during the 2011-12 and 2015-16 academic years, follow this link.

2017-18 Request for Assessment of concentrations, conversations, and other programs

2016-17 Request for Assessment in Majors

2014-15 Request for Assessment Action Projects for all academic programs

2013-14 Request for Assessment Action Reports for concentrations, conversations, and other programs


The Report Form is the instrument used by faculty members to complete the requested assessment.

2017-18 Concentrations, Conversations, and Other Programs Assessment Form (due October 15, 2018)

2016-17 Assessment in Majors Form  (due October 16, 2017)


The extensive list of final reports can be found on the Assessment Reports page.