2015-16 General Education Assessment

The 2015-16 academic year has been designated for assessment of the General Education (GE) curriculum. The GE assessment is facilitated by the work of the Assessment Subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee and IR&E and supported by the Dean of the College. Upon recommendation of the Curriculum Committee the Dean has requested faculty participation in 2015-16 assessment of the General Education curriculum.

Each faculty member offering one or more courses accredited for General Education in 2015-16 is asked to gather evidence of student learning in relation to one outcome for one requirement in one course during the academic year. The goal of the assessment of the General Education curriculum is to determine how well and in what ways students are achieving the intended learning outcomes designated by the general education attribute and implemented by the faculty teaching the general education course. Faculty teaching one or more GE courses are assigned a specific GE attribute to assess. View a list of faculty assignments for GE attribute, course, and term here. Faculty members will choose one Intended Learning Outcomes for their assigned GE attribute (review ILOs here) and will select an assignment from that course to assess.

Faculty will submit data on their assessment of students’ achievement on the selected ILO through the General Education Student Learning Report (details here), which they will receive as a Qualtrics survey link via their St. Olaf email. The form is due within two weeks of the submission of final course grades. For additional information on completing the Student Learning Report, faculty can view a PDF of the Student Learning Report and review the Guidelines for completing a Student Learning Report. Faculty can also review examples from previous assessments.

You can read more about plans for summarizing and sharing the data, and you can learn about anticipated uses of the General Education assessment data for participating faculty members and for committees, departments, and other groups.