General Education Assessment Activities in 2011-12

The principal campus-wide assessment project for the 2011-12 academic year focused on General Education.  We gathered a combination of direct and indirect evidence of student learning from instructors of General Education courses, from student focus groups, and from existing data in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment. You can visit the web site for the 2015-16 General Education Assessment here.

Findings from GE assessment in 2011-12

2011-12 General Education assessment results
This report summarizes, by requirement, the results from GE course instructors’ Student Learning Report Forms.

What GE instructors were asked to do

General Education Student Learning Report Form
The form instructors used to report their observations and reflections concerning the GE student learning outcome they assess, due within two weeks of the submission of final grades.

Additional resources for GE assessment

Intended learning outcomes for each General Education requirement

Instructors chose the specific outcome they will assess for their “assigned” course and requirement

Guidelines for completing a General Education Student Learning Report
Information and sample comments from instructors who participated in the Fall 2009 GE assessment pilot project

Intended Learning Outcome tracking sheet (optional)
A simple worksheet that instructors used to record their observations about the quality of each student’s work in relation to the GE outcome of interest. The worksheet was for instructor use only and was not submitted with the instructor’s report.

How GE assessment results can be used by participating instructors

How GE assessment results can be used by departments, committees, and other groups

Dean’s request for faculty participation in General Education assessment
A Spring 2011 memo describing the role of faculty in GE assessment in 2011-12