Six-year graduation rates by federal student aid category

As per the disclosure requirements of the U.S. Higher Education Act of 1965, amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, the table below shows the percent of domestic full-time first-time degree-seeking students who entered St. Olaf College in the fall semester of the given year and graduated within 6 years, or 150% of expected completion time, disaggregated by the following subgroups:

  • recipients of a Federal Pell Grant;
  • recipients of a subsidized Stafford Loan who did not receive a Pell Grant; and
  • students who did not receive either a Pell Grant or a subsidized Stafford Loan.

Note that students are considered to have received a grant or loan if it was disbursed during the year used for determining the cohort − the year entering in fall term. Degree completion is by August 31 each year.

   Entering Fall Semester
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Pell 87.2% 88.4% 89.4% 80.3% 85.8%
Federal Loan, no Pell 86.8% 88.4% 84.5% 86.9% 85.2%
neither Federal Loan or Pell 87.5%  87.8% 89.5% 87.4% 86.9%
Domestic students, neither Pell nor Fed Loan* 87.6% 87.9% 89.9% 87.2% 86.5%
Nonresident International* 85.2% 85.2% 86.0% 89.1% 90.0%
Total cohort completion rate (all combined) 87.3% 88.0% 88.2% 86.2% 86.4%

*International students are not eligible for federal student aid; the “neither Federal Loan or Pell” is further split here by citizenship status, although this is not reported to IPEDS.

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