Adding Choice Activities

The choice activity module enables a teacher to ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses. Students can choose one or more option and they can update their selection if you allow them. Choices can be useful as quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic; to allow the class to vote on a direction for the course, or to gauge progress.

There are number of settings for choice activities. You can choose when and how choices are made, as well as when and how results are published to students. The following guide will demonstrate how to create a choice activity and view its results. For detailed information beyond the scope of this guide, visit Moodle’s own documentation.

How do I create a course activity?

  1. Navigate to your Moodle site and turn editing on.
  2. Scroll down to the topic or week you would like to add a choice to.
  3. Select Add an Activity or Resource.Screenshot of Moodle course with arrow pointing to "Add an activity" link
  4. In the windows that pops up, select Choice for an activity and then Add.
  5. On the Adding a new Choice page, provide a Choice name.
  6. Provide a Description for the choice. Students will see this text at the top of the page when completing the activity.
  7. Choose whether the description is displayed on the course page and the Display mode.
  8. Under the Options section, complete each setting as desired.Screenshot of online settings page with title "Options"
    1. Allow choice to be updated: If enabled, this allows students to change their response after it is submitted.
    2. Allow more than one choice to be selected: If enabled, students can submit multiple responses.
    3. Limit the number of responses allowed: This option allows you to limit the number of participants that can select each choice option. When the limit is reached then no one else can select that option.
  9. Enter each option in Option 1, 2, 3… as needed. Enter a limit for each if the number of responses allowed is limited.
  10. In Availability, select whether to restrict answering to a time period and to define that period.
  11. In Results, choose a Publish results option. By default, students do not see the results. You can choose for students to see results after they submit their choice, after the choice is closed, or before they answer.Screenshot of online settings titled "Results"
  12. Choose whether to Show column for unanswered. The column will show which students have not responded yet.
  13. Choose whether to Include responses from inactive/suspended users.
  14. Select Save and return to course when finished editing settings.

How do I view the results from a choice activity?

  1. Select the quiz that you would like to review the results of.
  2. On the right side of the screen, select View X responses, where X is the number of responses received so far. You will arrive at a page listing the students who selected each option. An additional column of students who have not answered yet, depending on your settings.Screenshot of online choice results with arrow pointing to "View 1 response" link on right
  3. You can now view the detailed results of the choice. If desired, select one of the download buttons to download the results to your device.Screenshot of online choice results with red box around three download buttons at bottom

Now that you know how to create a choice activity, learn how to add surveys, which are similar to choice activities.