Adding Folders

Folders can be a powerful organizational tool if used correctly. Grouping resources in a folder is most useful when there are many files of the same category. For example, placing eight articles for a unit in a folder declutters your Moodle site. Using folders for one or two is not necessary though. Having unnecessary folders can be just as cluttered as having none at all.

Additionally, folders are useful only if their names are succinct and descriptive. The previously mentioned example folder should be named “Articles” rather than “PDFs” or “Folder.” The following guide will show you how to create folders and add content to them.

How are folders created?

  1. Navigate to your Moodle site and turn editing on.
  2. Scroll down to a topic section and select Add an activity or resource.
  3. Scroll down to Resources. Select Folder and then Add.
  4. Name the folder and give it a description in the first section. Select Display description on course page if desired.

How is content added to folders?

Continuing from above, content can be added in two ways: drag and drop, and the file picker.

Drag and Drop

  1. Open a window containing relevant course documents. You can also drag and drop files from the desktop.Screenshot of file explorer with many files
  2. Select a file (Word, Powerpoint, pdf, mp3, jpg, etc.) and drag it into the outlined box in the Content section on the Add new folder page.
  3. If the title looks more like a computer file name, such as “syllabus_fall_2015,” select the icon representing the file. A window will pop up where you can rename the file. For example, you could change the file name to “Syllabus, Fall 2015.”

File Picker

  1. Select the Add (paper with a plus) icon in the upper left hand corner of the Content section.
  2. In the file picker window, select the Choose File button, find the file on your computer, and select it. To add files already on your Moodle site, instead of uploading a file, select Server Files.
    Screenshot of Moodle file picker while file is uploaded

  3. Select Open, which will return you to the file picker.
  4. Select Upload this file at the bottom of the file picker.  Your file will upload, and you will see its icon appear on the settings page.
  5. Repeat this process as needed.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save and return to course.


Now that you know how to use folders, your course topic files are more organized. There is one issue though: how do you organize files that should not be put in a folder together? Meet labels, the Swiss army knife of Moodle.