Adding Labels

Labels in Moodle are named deceptively. They are more than simple blocks of text that fit between resources in a course section. Labels can be images, embedded video, links, or even code. They organize content within topics, as well as improve the overall appearance of the site. Because they are versatile and easy to use, learning to use labels in the following guide is well worth your time.

How do I add labels?

  1. Ensure editing is turned on by selecting the Turn editing on button in the upper right corner of your Moodle site.
  2. Scroll down to view course sections, and select Add an activity or resource.Screenshot of Moodle course with arrow pointing to "Add an activity" link
  3. Select Label under the Resources section and then Add.
  4. Add content to the label. This step requires using the text editor.
    • For text, type directly into the text editor.
    • For images, use the Image icon.
    • For links, use the Link icon.
    • For embedding media or other code, use the HTML icon. Videos, Google maps, polls, and much more can be embedded directly into the label with the HTML editor.
  5. Select Save and return to course.

How do I rearrange labels?

Editing must first be turned on. Labels can be moved around by dragging and dropping them with the Click to Drag icon, found on the left side of the label.
Screenshot of text label being moved with arrow pointing to move icon

Now that your course content is upload and organized with folders and labels, the rest of your site needs customization, especially the blocks in the sidebars.