Drag and Drop onto Image Questions

This question type allows students to drag words and/or images from a list and drop them into pre-defined gaps on a base image. These drop zones are visible to students. For questions where drop zones are not shown to the student, refer to drag and drop markers questions. If you would like to drop words into a passage of text, see drag and drop into text questions.

The following guide will demonstrate the creation of drag and drop onto image questions. For a more detailed explanation on this process, see Moodle’s own documentation.

How do I create this question type?

  1. Begin the process of adding a question to a quiz or to a question bank.
  2. When the Choose a question type to add window appears, select Drag and drop onto image for the question type. Select Add.Screenshot of gray pop-up window with two panes to select question type and its description
  3. On the Adding drag and drop onto image screen, choose a category for this question.
  4. In the Name text box, type in a descriptive name that will allow you to easily identify the question by name alone.
  5. In the Question text box, enter the directions or prompt for the question.
  6. In the Default points box, type in the maximum number of points for this question. It is recommended that the number of blanks match the number of points.
  7. The General feedback is feedback that is shown to every student after they complete the question, regardless of their answer.  It can be used to show students a fully worked answer and/or link to more information.
  8. In the Preview section, select Choose a file… or drag and drop an image file to the page. This will become the background image of the question.Screenshot of preview settings webpage with arrow pointing to "Choose a file..." button on left
  9. In the Draggable items section, select the checkbox to Shuffle drag items each time question is attempted.
  10. For each draggable item, select its type as either an image or text.
    • If the item is an image, Choose a file to upload or drag and drop a file.
    • If the item is text, enter it into the text field.
  11. Duplicate draggable items are not interchangeable when completing the question, so do not require the same image or text twice. Moodle does not realize they are the same word or picture. Items are remember by different “names” by the computer, even if they have the same text  or image in them.
  12. Draggable items that are within the same Group are color coded and may only be dropped with the corresponding color box. Most often, draggable items are left in one group.
  13. Extra incorrect draggable items may be created in additional blanks.
  14. In the Drop zones section, define the drop zone for each item.
    1. The Left and Top fields refer to the coordinate in terms of pixels of the top left corner of the drop zone. Enter 0 to begin wtih.
    2. Selelct the correct draggable item for the drop zone.
    3. Scroll up to the Preview section. Drag the item to your desired location.
    4. Scroll back down to the Drop zones section and repeat as necessary.
  15. Select Save changes and continue editing.
  16. Select Preview to view and test your question in a pop-up window. Display options are found in this window as well.drag and drop onto image preview
  17. Close the window when finished and return to the Editing drag and drop onto image page.
  18. Select Save changes.

How are these questions graded?

All gaps are weighted identically. Only drop zones that are filled correctly gain marks. There is no negative marking of drop zones that are filled incorrectly.

You now know how to create drag and drop onto image questions on Moodle. Try out embedded answers (cloze) questions, another interactive question type in Moodle.