Embedding a YuJa Recording in Moodle

You may want to embed a YuJa recording in Moodle so that it shows up in a Moodle page with controls in place. You may embed a YuJa recording in any Moodle activity. Shown below is an example of how to embed a YuJa recording in a Moodle Label activity.

  1. From stolaf.yuja.com, select Default Collection or where you previously saved your recording.
  2. Find the recording that you want to embed and select it. In the upper right hand corner of the chosen recording, select the Settings icon.
    Select the Settings icon.
  3. Select Details.
    Select Details.
  4. Select Links.
    Select Links.
  5. Embed this Video provides a link to embed the recording within any Moodle page. Direct Link provides a link that can be used as a hyperlink. Highlight and copy the link found in Embed this Video.
    Copy the Embed Link.
  6. Go to moodle.stolaf.edu and log in.
  7. Locate your course and select Turn editing on.
    Turn editing on.
  8. Select Add an activity or resource.
    Add an activity or resource.
  9. Under Resources, select Label and then select Add.
    Select Label.
  10. In the Label text box, select Show/hide advanced buttons.
    Select Show/Hide advanced buttons.
  11. Enter your text and then select the HTML icon < >.
    Enter text and select HTML icon < >.
  12. Paste in the embed code from YuJa that you copied in Step 5.
    Paste embed code.
  13. Select Save and return to course.
    Save and return to course.
  14. Your recording will appear on your course’s home page.
    Recording will appear on page.
  15. Select Turn editing off.
    Turn editing off.
  16. You can play your recording by simply selecting the recording thumbnail.
    YuJa recording playing.